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December News

Dec 1 Christmas Pictures

Dec 1 Basketball Game 5th-8th vs. Tushka at Home at Noon

Dec 6 Basketball Game 5th-8th at Cottonwood at 4:00pm

Dec 8 Basketball Game 3rd-4th at Lane at 1:00pm

Dec 9 Band Concert – 5th-8th Grades at Gym at 2:00pm

Dec 16 Christmas Gift Exchange - Gifts should range from $5.00 to $8.00 – PK3 & PK4 will exchange gifts at 11:30am – All other grades will exchange gifts at 12:20pm - Because time is limited, there will be no refreshments, only the gift exchange. Due to Covid-19, parents, guardians, and guests will not be allowed to attend. School will be dismissed and buses run at 1:00pm.  There will be no after school program for this date. Classes will resume on Monday, January 3, 2022. Have a safe and happy holiday.



Harmony Public School Safe Return to School Plan




  1. Parents screening using provided checklist; if parents send their child to school, they are certified healthy.  Some smaller schools may check temp at the door.
  2. Staff also screen themselves. If they come to work, then they are certifying they have screened themselves.  



 Isolation Room:  Any student or staff member who exhibits a fever of 100 degrees will be

 instantly isolated in a predetermined isolation room and immediately sent home.  After

 being sent home, the student or staff member cannot return to school until one of the

 following criteria is met:

  •  Without COVID testing, the student or staff member must not be present at school for 10 days. 
  • After a negative COVID test, the student or staff member can return to physical school  after 3 days of being fever free with no fever reducing medication.
  • The student will become a distance learner at home until he/she can return to school.
  • The student will be counted as present because digital learning will be provided.  
  • The student will be entered into a Google form accessible only to necessary school personnel



  1. Consult with county Health Department to begin contact tracing.
  2. Communicate to staff.
  3. Communicate to applicable parents depending on classroom arrangement.
  4. Thoroughly sanitize classroom.
  5. Positive case classroom goes to distance learning for 14 days while those students are quarantined.  If the student has siblings, the siblings will be quarantined. 
  6.  If the attendance of campus learners at the site and/or district where the positive case occurs reaches a 35% absenteeism rate, the site and/or district will go to distance learning for 14 days.  The count starts on the first day of distance learning. 
  7.  Grab and Go meals will be provided starting on Day 1 of distance learning.  Delivery schedule will be dictated by the district’s Child Nutrition capabilities.



  1. Maximize classroom space (remove reading nooks, center areas, etc.)
  2. One directional seating (for all classrooms that don’t have round tables)
  3. Seating charts (required by all teachers for all classes)



Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wear a mask. Any person that chooses to wear a mask is encouraged to do so. At this time, masks are not required. It is recommended that parents purchase masks for their students prior to the start of the new school year in the event masks do become a requirement.



Due to COVID-19 and for the safety of our students, parents will only be allowed to enter the main building (office window only) during the regular school day. For assistance, parents are asked to call the office at (580)889-3687.



  1. Recommend alternate transportation if possible for all bus riders.
  2. Maximize air flow.
  3. Seating chart required on all busses. 
  4. Additional bus routes (district decision)

Board Approved:  06-14-2021



Great News! You can have our  School Calendar added to you calendar app:  Have school events show up directly on your calendar app by subscribing!  It’s convenient to have access to important school dates right there at your fingertips any time of day.  No more keeping up with a printed school calendar all year. Go to Quicklinks on the left side of page and subscribe to the District Calendar.  


  • Click on Subscribe to Calendar
  • Touch to Copy Link
  • Go to Settings on phone, Accounts and Passwords, Add Account, Other, Add Subscribed Calendar
  • Paste
  • Next
  • Save
  • Go to Calendar Screen.  At bottom touch Calendars.  Touch Harmony.  Select color – red of course!
  • NOTE: If these steps do not work, just google how to add a subscribed calendar to your specific type of phone. 






District Calendar

Upcoming Events

Important Contact Info

Foster Care Contact:  

Lori Armstrong 580-889-3687

Homeless Liaison Contact:  

Brian Walker 580-889-3687

Contact Information

Harmony Public Schools
4926 South Bentley Rd.
Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

Office:  Mon-Thur 8:00am-4:00pm

Phone: 580-889-3687
Fax: 580-889-4631

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