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Patricia Bellows' Profile


Patricia Bellows

Kindergarten Teacher

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Atoka High School in 1976.

I graduated from East Central University in 1980

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and am Certified in Early Childhood Education.  I also have 

an Area of Concentration in English and Literature.

Professional Development:

I have attended multiple Frog Street workshops and many curriculum workshops. I try  to learn all that I can to be

a teacher who uses current procedures and materials that will best help my students.My goal is to learn all that I can 

and process it to see how it will work best in my classroom.

Current Position:

I began teaching at Harmony School in 2005.  This is my 10th year to enjoy teaching at Harmony.  My daughter attended Harmony and I was so excited to be invited to join the staff at Harmony. I have lived within a mile of Harmony School nearly my entire life.  The Harmony community is so special to me.  While at Harmony I have taught 1st, 2nd, and Kindergarten.  Currently I feel that I have found my special niche in Kindergarten.  My goal is to continue teaching Kindergarten learning more every year how to better my classroom.

Previous Position:

My teaching career began at Thunderbird Elementary School in Atoka.  I had the priviledge to teach there for 5 years under the tuteledge of a great veteran teacher.  After that, I went to work at Faith Christian School, where I was allowed to take my babies to school with me. I worked there for 21 years.  It was an awsome experience .  I taught 1st through 5th and was the Principal for many years. After this year at Harmony, I will have 37 years experience teaching children.


Family Information:

This summer I celebrated my 38th year of marriage.  I met my husband when he was called to my church as Music and Youth director.  We have two children and 3 Grandchildren.  We also ranch with my son. We enjoy working with all the aspects of ranching. Cats, dogs, goats, and calves are all welcome at our house.  Romeo is my special lap dog who blesses me every day after school by curling up in my lap while I take my "power nap".

Personal Information:

Reading is one of my favorite past times.  I really don't have much time to enjoy reading because of enjoying time with my grandchildren and working on the ranch.  My main focus in life is to do my best to be the Christian woman that God would have me to be and for Him to use me in every way He wants to every day.