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Student Pick Up Line Procedures

Posted Date: 08/28/2023

Student Pick Up Line Procedures

If you are picking up your child, please wait in the parking area and teachers will assist your child to your vehicle. We ask that you NOT pick up your child before the bell rings at 4:00pm. Teachers are still having class, and this is becoming a major disruption. We realize that wait time in the parking lot is quite lengthy and apologize for any inconvenience, but it is for the safety of all students. We ask that parents wait until buses have exited all parking lots before exiting themselves. Again, this is a safety issue.

Parents who are privately transporting students who have classes in the Early Childhood Learning Center need to enter the east gate and exit the west gate. Those parents who have students in the Lower and Upper Elementary buildings need to enter the south gate and exit the north gate.

We ask for the cooperation of all parents, students, and staff so the we may have a safe and successful year.