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Athletics-Jamie Moore


2019 ORES/American Fidelity State Basketball Playoff Brackets

Harmony School is Division Three. Come out to support our students! 







***Some changes to this calendar include the location of the Oct. 30th and December 11th games against Caney. 

Please note the new location.

Oct. 8 Lane Home 4:00pm 5th-8th
Oct. 15, 16, & 25 Stringtown Tournament Away TBA 5th-8th
Oct. 30 Caney AWAY!! 4:00pm 5th-8th
Oct.31 Tushka Away 12:00pm 5th-8th
Nov. 7 Tushka Home 12:00pm 5th-8th
Nov. 12 Wapanucka Away 4:00pm 5th-8th
Nov. 14 Caney Home 1:00pm 3rd-4th
Nov. 26, 27, & 30 Tushka Tournament Away TBA 5th-8th
Dec. 3 Lane Away 4:00pm 5th-8th
Dec. 5 Moyers Away 1:00pm 3rd-4th
Dec. 11 Caney HOME!! 4:00pm 5th-8th
Dec. 12 Lane Away 1:00pm 3rd-4th
Dec. 17 Moyers Away 4:00pm 5th-8th
Jan. 7 Cottonwood Away 4:00pm 5th-8th
Jan. 28 Stringtown Home 4:00pm 5th-8th
Jan. 30 Lane Home 1:00pm 3rd-4th